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Theme Parks

The primary concerns of any theme or amusement park are guests’ safety, their well-being and overall enjoyment. 十大正规体育平台‘s full-duplex intercom systems allow teams to maintain hands-free, bi-directional conversations for efficient ride operations, show productions and overall park operations.

We Know Theme Parks

Flexible and Reliable Intercom Systems

When working with high octane rides, covering a large area or setting up for a stage performance, operators or production crew members need to be alert and able to communicate with one another at all times. 十大正规体育平台’s flexible and reliable intercom systems enable them to stay in constant communication no matter where they are. Teams with a common purpose can talk and listen on one or more channels, while another channel could be assigned to other team members with a different function. These devices can be connected to other Clear- Com devices, wired or mobile.

Real time communication (RTC)

Talking on 十大正规体育平台 systems is instantaneous. Unlike two-way radios, there is no pause or wait to latch. Our bi-directional communication systems allow for continuous dialogue between two people or groups and are most often used for communications in time-critical situation where every second matters.

Durable Design

Products used at amusement parks must be able to withstand tough working conditions. When facing indoors and outdoors elements, 十大正规体育平台’s wired and wireless intercom solution are weather-resistant to dust and water and highly protected by durable and tough casing.

Industry Affiliations

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Ride Communications

十大正规体育平台’s all-digital Industrial Intercom System is a single-channel partyline system deployed at critical check-points around a ride. Operators simply pick up the handset, push a button and alerts another station at another communication point. The DX100 wireless intercom system is perfect for ride operators who need require untethered, hands-free and reliable communication with one another. For rides coveraging a larger area, a FreeSpeak II system is more ideal.

Stage Performances and Entertainment

At the heart of any live performance, there is the dependence on effective intercom to quickly and efficiently coordinate production staff to deliver an expertly crafted experience. Encore Analog Partyline Intercom provides basic and reliable group communication functionality. With so many moving parts both on- and off-stage, beltpacks and mobility are a key requirement. Our DX410 offers two intercom channels and interfacing with other wired systems.

Park-Wide Security

If an emergency or incident occurs, the communications system needs to operate bi-directionally so that Park Security personnel can reach the appropriate people and direct them with specific instructions. Park staff must be able to report incidents to Park Security. A central Eclipse HX matrix system coupled with the 2-way walkie-talkie multi-channel interface, Gateway, acts as a router to allow one party to reach another party or parties on the same system with one button. Users can talk on V-Series panel in stationed positions or roaming on their Agent-IC mobile app that is loaded on smart devices.

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