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HelixNet Digital Network Partyline System

The HelixNet® family of wired partyline intercom user stations and interfaces deliver the intuitive and familiar workflows of 十大正规体育平台’s analog partyline in a fully networked intercom system. Built on 十大正规体育平台’s heritage and experience with elegantly simple and easy-to-use analog partyline systems, HelixNet is a next generation partyline intercom system for users requiring fast system setups, effortless management, scalability, and deployment quality. Equally deployable on traditional and modern cabling infrastructure without interference from crosstalk between channels, noise or buzzes.

Powered by 十大正规体育平台’s advanced I.V.Core® technology, developed to provide efficient and easy-to-use partyline mixing on Ethernet networks. Invisible to the user, I.V.Core continuously analyzes voice activity, talk and listen levels through the system routing relevant audio packages to user stations and interfaces for optimal bandwidth utilization and listening experience. Mixing and processing power is dynamically added to the system with each user station and interface, allowing the system to expand without the need of supporting equipment, routing or configuration – just like analog partyline.

Product Family

Complete your HelixNet Digital Network Partyline System with our suite of products.

Why Choose HelixNet?

Familiar Partyline Channels

Built around familiar and innovative partyline channels, where all channel users can hear all talkers, HelixNet provides an easy transition for intercom users, allowing them to focus on their primary task with minimal assistance or training. Users can select or be assigned any of the system’s up to 24 channels with independently mixed Program Audio without change in system configuration, wiring, crosstalk or noises. Ease of deploying channels on HelixNet allows for efficient communication.

Effortless Administration

HelixNet user stations are automatically discovered, firmware matched and added to the system without configuration. Designed for fast operation, ease-of-use and flexible deployment, HelixNet allows configuration locally using intuitive front panel menus on the user stations, or centrally from the system host’s Core Configuration Manager (CCM), an intuitive administration interface accessible on web browsers.

Infrastructure Agnostic

Concurrently capable of supporting user station connections over traditional XLR audio cabling on HMS-4X systems and Ethernet networks allows for the most suitable connectivity for the application at hand. Robust Powerlines allow user station network and power connections from the HMS-4X main station. Ethernet and fiber provide the ability to utilize structured cabling as well as standard or converged networks, automatically adaptive to a wide range of network quality. Flexible power options over Powerline from HMS-4X, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and local AC or DC power. HelixNet is unique in its infrastructural flexibility.

Flexible Interfacing

HelixNet wired partyline is hosted by Arcadia Central Station or HMS-4X Main Station (Legacy). Arcadia’s Licensed Ports allow up to 24 channels to be HelixNet enabled for 64 HelixNet user stations while supporting FreeSpeak wireless intercom and 2-wire, 4-wire and Dante interfaces. HMS-4X main station offers 12 to 24 channels for 64 endpoints, 2-wire or 4-wire interface modules, linked LQ hosts, 亚洲最大体育平台 & Agent-IC virtual intercom clients for Windows, MACOS, Android and iOS as well as interfacing to 2-wire/4-wire VoIP SIP, two-way radio, GPIO and E-IPA/IVC-32 equipped Eclipse HX frame.

Simple HelixNet System

Arcadia Central Station is the host of any HelixNet system connecting to user stations via Ethernet networks allowing up to 24 channels to be HelixNet enabled using Arcadia’s Licensed Ports. User stations are powered via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or local power. Arcadia provides integrated 2-wire partyline, 4-wire line-level and Dante interface ports. Featured Products: ARCADIA CCM for ARCADIA HRM-4X HKB-2X with S-MOUNT HXII-BP Other Featured Products: MS-704 CC-300

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HelixNet with FreeSpeak

Arcadia Central Station can host FreeSpeak wireless in addition to HelixNet wired partyline. Using FreeSpeak E1 direct connection splitters and transceivers or high-capacity IP connected transceivers, up to 40 wireless beltpacks can be added to an Arcadia using Licensed Ports. Featured Products: ARCADIA CCM for ARCADIA HRM-4X HKB-2X with S-MOUNT HXII-BP Other Featured Products: FSII-SPL FSII-TCVR FSII-TCVR-IP FSII-BP FSE-TCVR FSE-BP

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